How to inject steroids


How to inject steroids

Intramuscular Injection Technique:

Intramuscular injection technique should be used for all anabolic steroids that are based on oil or water. The injection must penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissue to enter into the muscle. This procedure is used when there is a desire for a prompt absorption. When larger doses are needed or when a drug is too irritating, then the injections can be given subcutaneously.




The common spots for intramuscular injections include the buttock, lateral side of the thigh, and the deltoid region of the arm, where muscles, especially the gluteus muscles in the buttock, are fairly thick. The steroid has a large surface area for absorption there due to the large number of muscle fibres and extensive fascia, a connective tissue that surrounds and separates muscles. Absorption is further promoted by the extensive blood supply to muscles. The most ideal way for intramuscular injections to be given is deep within the muscle and away from major nerves and blood vessels. The best spot for steroid injections is in the gluteus medias muscle, that is located in the upper outer quadrant of the buttock. The injection spot is usually 7,5 centimetres (2-3 inches) below the iliac crest in an adult. The iliac crest serves as a landmark for this quadrant, as it is located at the top of the pelvic girdle on the posterior side. Iliac crest can be found by feeling the uppermost bony area above each gluteus muscle. Because the muscle in the upper outer quadrant is quite thick and has few nerves, this area is chosen. Another reason for this area is, that the probability of injecting the steroid into a blood vessel is quite remote and the chance of injury to the sciatic nerve is quite reduced. Sciatic nerve runs through the lower and middle area of the buttock and it controls the posterior of each thigh and the entire leg from the knee down. If you inject too close to this nerve or you actually hit it, you can feel extreme pain and even a temporary paralysis. This is not something you would like to feel, so stay as far away from this area as possible.

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If there is a reason you can’t inject the gluteus region, you’re second choice would be the lateral portion of the thigh. Usually, intramuscular injections are only indicated for infants or children. The (B) vastus laterals muscle is the only thigh area that should be injected intramuscularly. This spot is determined by using the knee and the greater trochanter of the femur (the bony area that you can feel where the femur joins the pelvic girdle) as landmarks. The middle portion of the muscle is located by measuring the handbreadth above the knee and the handbreadth below the greater trochanter. Injecting in the front thigh or inside of the thigh is extremely unwise, since these areas contain nerves as well as a number of vessels. Stick with the outermost region.

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